TR3B/Black Triangle/Giant Orb follow up!!

Hi everyone!! Hope all of you had a great Christmas and news years in the States here. Everyone abroad, I hope your holidays were great!!

Also, we have two new subs!! Thank you!!! I have 290+ videos here. Please watch. Enjoy. Critique. Help me learn how to bring more sightings. This is a constant learning type of research. So thank you for subbing!! Tell your friends! I don’t photoshop. No CGI. Maybe some incorrect terminology and some swearing, but it’s all real.

So this is my follow up from the video with the TR3B. The first video is called giant orb and tr3b near ohare. Well I shot that on my phone. Then said I’m running home to get my Sony. So I did and this is the rest of a super night of IFO’s, UFO’s, uap, uav etc.

Thank you all!! Please watch and I hope you enjoy what I get to share with all of you.

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