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Glowing Object Over McHenry, Illinois On 3-31-2021, UFO Sighting News.

Eyewitness states: I was at the intersection of McCullom Lake Rd and Richmond Rd in McHenry when I saw the object above McCullom Lake moving...
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'Underwater ALIEN Base' Lurks Beneath Great Lakes, UFO Amateur Claims

It appears that in the hunt for extra-terrestrial life, the ocean waters of our planet could hold intriguing answers, with more and more alien-seeking enthusiasts...
Ufo Sightings

AUSTRALIAN police station has driven the internet into a frenzy after posting video that show a UFO

Broome Police in Western Australian shared the spooky CCTV footage on Twitter yesterday – which quickly gained global attention. Source: Read here: Follow us on...
Ufo Sightings

TR3B/Black Triangle/Giant Orb follow up!!

Hi everyone!! Hope all of you had a great Christmas and news years in the States here. Everyone abroad, I hope your holidays were great!!...

Antarctica’s Greatest Secrets and Mysteries Revealed

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