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A brainchild of two friends, we call TheTruthBehind a passion project since we put our best effort into every assignment. It is the desire to seek the truth that drives us. We boast of strong background in website development and marketing, major contributors to our success. We surf the internet scouring for material that are still a mystery for mankind and share the intrigue behind them with visitors on our site.

What works behind our mission is the strong belief that we are being fed propaganda every day, a belief that we are being dished out a bunch of lies. While the truths may forever remain hidden for us, we shall still strive to seek the truth. Yes, much of the material that intrigues us is beyond the realms of reason or possibility. The onus is therefore on us to read, watch, and think and find the truth behind mysteries some day. We keep our fingers crossed.

Write for Us

Hello there! We at TheTruthBehind are looking for writers who can contribute to our site with intriguing write-ups on mysterious phenomena. We have successfully carved out a niche and that gives us a regular flow of readers on our website. We realize that as a writer, you seek a ready audience. Your article might be really good, but all your effort goes down the drain if you find no readers.

TheTruthBehind gives you the platform you seek to reach out to readers. We offer your content great visibility. All we seek is original content that piques the interest of the readers and has them hooked. The rates we offer are impressive. What we seek from you is articles of a high quality. It’s quality we focus on rather than quantity.

The genres we seek contributions for are:

  • Aliens and UFOs
  • Ancient Mysteries
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Debunked
  • Monsters and Creatures
  • Paranormal
  • Political Truths
  • Prophecy
  • Religion
  • Science and Technology
  • Secret Societies
  • Space Mysteries
  • Spirituality
  • TV Shows

What Is It that We Seek?

What we seek from you are thorough, interesting, and educative contributions. For a high chance of getting published, please ensure that,

  • Your article is relevant and thoroughly researched containing interesting information
  • It has to be a 100% original contribution that hasn’t been published anywhere else
  • The articles should maintain an engaging tone and must be in correct lucid English
  • There should be properly arranged subheadings and bullet points. Please keep the paragraphs short to make the article easy to read

What is Guest Posting All About?

To put it simply, guest posting implies you writing content for the website of another company. There are many websites that invite guest posts or sponsored posts from authors and so do we. We ensure that when you write for us, you get

  • Higher website domain authority
  • High back traffic
  • More visibility
  • Help you build connections

It’s a win-win situation for you, the writer and us. While you can reach out to a wide audience, we get access to great content.

What are the Benefits of Writing for Us?

  • We ensure a high exposure for your content. The number of visitors on our site is on a steady rise. We bring your contribution before a wide audience which raises the possibility of it being shared as well.
  • We also ensure wider social media exposure. We have an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin. We ensure a higher exposure for your content by sharing it on these networks

What You Should Avoid

Promotional Content:
Our readers visit us looking for articles that shed light on the mysteries of the world. It’s not a platform that promotes services offered by companies. It’s intriguing, well-researched articles on enigmatic phenomena that interests our readers.

Copied Content:
Copied or plagiarized content is a strict no-no on our website. Please avoid it at all costs and ignoring this guideline may compel us to ban you from our website.

False Information:

Avoid including any information or data in your contribution that’s not factually correct. Don’t forget to mention proper citations and credits. Make it a point to quote the source of information you have included in your article. It’s important that you use information only from reliable sites and sources and mention the credit.

The Style You Should Follow

While you’ve got to be knowledgeable, make sure that you maintain a casual and personal tone. When a person reads your article he should feel like you are talking to him. Try blending clarity with a touch of banter. That makes your article more engaging.

You must be concise and to-the-point. Avoid beating around the bush. Make sure that your article isn’t a solid mass of words. There should be enough subheadings and bullet points so that the article is readable and engaging. Mind you, most readers on the internet have very short attention spans. A block of paragraphs won’t appeal to them. It’s therefore a must that you include subheadings and bullet points to make the article more concise and engaging.

You must also keep your paragraphs short and include a combination of short and somewhat long sentences. That way, you’ll be able to hold on to the readers’ attention. Since the articles we seek are on mysterious phenomena, try and maintain an intriguing tone.


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