Ufo Sightings

TR3B/Black Triangle/Giant Orb follow up!!

Hi everyone!! Hope all of you had a great Christmas and news years in the States here. Everyone abroad, I hope your holidays were great!!...
Other Earths

Giant UFOs and Anomalies in our solar system in the review for October 21 and October 22, 2017

Giant UFOs and Anomalies in our solar system in the review for October 21 and October 22, 2017 Any of you can help this channel...
Mars Mysteries (The Red Planet)

HUGE! NASA Scientists Have Discovered Flowing Water On Mars

TruthAdmin The space agency will gather a host of experts to its headquarters in Washington for a briefing where it promises to announce it has...
Mars Mysteries (The Red Planet)

NASA to Make Big Announcement On ‘Mars Mystery Solved’ September 28th

TruthAdmin NASA will detail a major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars during a news briefing at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Monday,...
September 2015

BREAKING NEWS, CERN,DARK STAR, September 23 24, 2015

CERN went into shutdown on August 31st… The same day as the global microwave pulse that we saw on the MIMIC-TPW ?! Absolutely No...
Everything Else Alien

UFOs: The Surprising Places Where Americans Are Reporting The Phenomenon

TruthAdmin On March 13, 1997, near Phoenix, five — or maybe seven — bright lights appeared in the night sky in a “V” formation, like...
Dark Matter

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to Resume Smashing Particles In Hunt for Dark Matter

TruthAdmin The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will start smashing particles together at unprecedented speed on Wednesday, churning out data for the first time in more...

Mysterious Mayan Citadel Discovered In Belize, Unlike Any Other Discovered

Archaeologists have been exploring the ancient Mayan city of El Pilar in Belize for years, but only recently did they discover an unusual addition to...
The Great Pyramids

WOW! Man Discovers Tunnel to Egypt’s Great Pyramid Under His House!

An Egyptian citizen, identified as “Nagy” by Arabic news site, was illegally digging in his backyard when he found a tunnel leading to the...
Crop Circles

Mysterious ‘Crop Circles’ Appear In Mexico Spawn Suspiciously Huge Attention from Authorities!

TruthAdmin It’s the usual gig. Mysterious crop formations appear over a 7 hectare chunk of land in the Mexican country, local residents report seeing bright...
Mars Mysteries (The Red Planet)

Mars Curiosity Rover Catches Heavily Blurred ‘Mystery Object’ In Panorama Image!

Once again, Shout out to Sonofmabarker for the find. My opinion, Im not buying NASA’s Same ol, Same ol Excuse that its part of the...
Titan's Atmosphere

Amazing New Photo Shows Sunny Seas Sparkle On Saturn’s Moon Titan!

A new photo from a NASA spacecraft studying Saturn and its many moons shows the sun reflecting off the seas of the ringed wonder’s moon...
Secrets of The Vatican

Shocking! Evidence the ‘Vatican’ Is Behind Writing ‘Quran’

You have GOT to see this video! Yes I know, we already have documented proof the Vatican wrote the Koran. But now we actually have...
The Greys


XXI. Of how the angels here left Enoch, at the end of the seventh Heaven, and went away from him unseen. AND the cherubim and...

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