Space Mysteries

12 Things In Space You Won’t Believe Exist

From the largest water reservoir powered by an actual black hole to a face on Mars is it real or an optical illusion see the...
Flat Earth Other Earths

Planet Flat Earth | 2018 Nature Documentary II

Fkn Sciene Bro! Is the Earth a Planet? Nope. Just a plane without the T. =) The Earth is actually Flat. Sub to Hibbeler: From...
Other Earths

Mars: The Most Earth-like Planet in Our Solar System | NASA Documentary | 1979

● Visit our main channel: ►Facebook: This 1979 film – originally titled as “Planet Mars” – is a vintage documentary produced by the National Aeronautics...

Scientists Discover UNDERWATER Lake That KILLS Everything it Touches!

A deadly lake inside the gulf of mexico is so toxic that it kills every sea creature that swims there. ►Subscribe for more videos! ►Check...

How Much Fluoride Should Be In Your Water?

Episode 3 of 4 Check us out on Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/dnewsplus Please Subscribe! http://bit.ly/28iQhYC Discovery GO – http://smart.link/57ae195b47796 Science GO – http://smart.link/57ae1a34dd168 As with anything in...

5 Most Puzzling Ocean Mysteries (AA)

5 Most Puzzling Ocean Mysteries (AA) — Films For Fun (FFF) Created By Abalam J. Anderson — From 4 submarines that vanished on the same...
Mars Mysteries (The Red Planet)

Chris Hadfield reacts to water discovery on Mars

‘To actually see liquid water on the surface of Mars, that is tantilizingly close to the building blocks of life,’ says retired Canadian astronaut. »»»...
Ufo Sightings

UFO Caught Sucking Water Out Of California Lake, May 2015, UFO Sighting News

Date of sighting: May 2015 Location of sighting: Nevada County, CA Nevada News Source: http://scooper64.rssing.com/browser.php?indx=37568783&last=1&item=47 This sighting is of incredible value on many levels. 1st...
Other Earths

Earth-Like Planets Are Way More Common Than You Think

Did Earth get really lucky, or are there more habitable planets? Subscribe to Super Panic Frenzy: Follow Julian on Twitter: How We Find Water On...
Mars Mysteries (The Red Planet)

Mars Mysteries, Super-Potatoes & Stem Cells – Science & Technology on Downstream

Downstream is Al Jazeera’s weekly look at the top stories from the world of science and tech with Tarek Bazley. Join in on the conversation...
Mythological Creatures

5 Real-Life Mythical Beasts

We look at some mythical creatures that actually exist! GMM #572! Good Mythical MORE: SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: **** Why our fans are called Mythical...

Evil Days Of Noah: Black Degeneration, Anunnaki & Ancient Aliens? Ask RasTafari Rabbi@LOJS

LIKE, POST & SHARE! WATCH Wicked Black Degeneration Caused Noah’s Flood & Black Christ Salvation! Ask RasTafari Rabbi@LOJSociety [VIDEO] SUBSCRIBE, JOIN OUR SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING,...
Mu or Lemuria


Bringing in the Rainbow Fractal light of Lemuria “PERU” Bringing in the New… Opening Portals of Oneness Ancient Gateway Between Dimensions “Lake Titicaca” The Sacral...
The Great Pyramids

We Finally Know How The Pyramids Were Made!

For thousands of years, the mystery of how the pyramids in Egypt were made has puzzled the world. Do we finally know the answer? Join...
Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness Monster Discovered In Apple Maps! April 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Here is what it looks like to use Apple maps and look at the creature in the Lock Ness, Scotland. I am using a iMac...

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