Veg Diet Plus & ‘Double Climate Dividend’ – Understanding the Relativity

Veg Diet Plus & ‘Double Climate Dividend’ – Understanding the Relativity

The mouth-watering fast food is an absolute favorite for all ages and nationalities today. Counting a delicious range of delicacies, the food industry is more prosperous than ever. Mostly vibrant in the meat section, the booming food industry has taken over the world. However, have you considered the effects of this meat-rich diet on nature itself?

The toxic atmosphere, crowded by carbon dioxide today, can trace back to animal-based diets as one of its primary causes. Wealthier nations promoting the glittering image of meat-rich food in the world market are far from revealing the truth.

Growing livestock apt for feeding the unlimited urges of the globe requires huge lands. This has led to larger deforestation, which, in turn, has greeted the planet with huge emissions of greenhouse gases. Further, the emissions from the livestock itself are also there to add to the scales.


Double Whammy

Dr. Paul Behrens (Leiden University, Netherland) refers to the research as a “double whammy.” His research explains that a shift from this diet to vegetarianism can help the planet in not one but two ways.

Firstly, reducing animal-based agriculture would restore the balance in nature, cutting down on the greenhouse emissions to a bulk. Further, vegetarianism could conclude lesser requirement of lands for agriculture, letting the rest be returned to nature. As per recent studies, wild trees and plants can help lower the ratio of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


Realignment of Nature

The research digs further to reveal an approximate idea about the extent the harmful emissions can be reduced in case of a shift in the current order. A rough calculation of over 90 billion tons of carbon dioxide decorates the charts. This would mean that a couple of years down the road could allow nature to be realigned to its original balance.

The realignment would ensure the world a triple effect by connecting land, food, and climate policies. Further, the move would allow farmers to own a fair share of land to grow the required produce. Agriculture subsidies from the Government could be initiated for these farmers to turn their lands into nature reserves, helping the course of nature.

The UK ensures a new venture beneficial for all, including the farmers, shortly. Funding schemes allowing agriculturalists to manage lands without obstruction is only one of the sides of this coin.

George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, believes that the right thing was initiated, considering generous incentives for the farmers who sacrifice their lands for nature’s recovery.

As per the existing policy of the nation, agriculturalists had been paid the tax money based on the amount of land once owned, and the funds would increase with the acres in the ground. However, the Government is reconsidering this reward to get the general mass to join the movement for betterment for all.

However, opinions regarding this pilot project seem to have a different story. As per Graig Bennett, the project still lags in details, making it a blur in front of the eyes of the farmers. The farmers are often kept in the dark until the ultimate scenario pops in front of their eyes, and this requires better management.


Introduction to the Farmers

Letting the grass-level workers in on the details would ensure the commencement of the act to perfection. Teaching agriculturalists and farmers about their contribution to nature can help make the process faster. For instance, educating farmers on the latest farming techniques that require much lesser land and supplies to gain ample production is one.

This could help curb the fear of farmers losing their lands. Accurate information regarding the incentives and subsidies for restoring the planet can also help the Government ease down on the matter; it would be solved from within.

Though the idea seems genuine, the time expected to hammer the project might not see the light of day for years to come.

This is a severe issue as present farming techniques have been taking a toll on the environment for a long time. Allowing this would mean further entanglement of nature. According to James Robinson, the action for the plan has to be taken within a limited time to obstruct further destruction.


Wrapping Up The Discussion

“Local Nature Recovery Scheme” is another plan that has been taken under consideration, allowing farmers to initiate the process of rewilding. A part of their lands could be used by nature to restore its wild growth. Planting trees and restoring wetland areas can give back what was lost by nature.

The project has calculated a well-established curb in the declining species. Allowing nature to bend its way back to the planet would also ensure above 60% of agricultural soil to be used for sustainable management. Over 300,000 acres of wildlife would restore to their genuine state in such a case.

Opinions on this seem to be having a range of colors. Some demand the project to be a vague trial, while others seem to be having a positive outlook. However, the result depends solely on the instigation of the project in the first part. The people have long broken their ties with nature except for a vacation or two within a year.

Allowing the natural course with this dietary shift would mean living in nature itself, ensuring a healthy lifestyle and better order. The recent pandemic has shown the effects on humanity in case of an unorganized order in nature.

Returning to the balance of life would allow restoration of all that has been shaken up in the process of life. Along with wildlife, nature would also restore its water sources, which would assure a reduced need to cater to environmental hazards.

If slight changes within us can help a noble cause so vast, it is not a tiny thing to initiate. The planet is our home, and it needs us now, more than ever!

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