UFOs – Everything That You Need to Know

UFOs – Everything That You Need to Know

Innumerable studies, many unforgettable movies, and a bunch of fiction – the projection of UFOs have been in practice for a long time. Weird looking objects in the sky, popularly called flying saucers, were rechristened as UFOs during the 1950s. Probably, the disc-shaped approach of the object was responsible for this name.

UFO is abbreviation for the Unidentified Flying Object. The sightings of extraterrestrial objects don’t come under the classification of stars, planets, or comets. There are a lot of myths and legends that revolve around UFOs. Some say they belong to other worlds, while others firmly believe in the legend of alien spaceships.

It’s time to find out the reality and get rid of unscientific theories surrounding UFOs, their origin, and other facts. Let’s slowly unravel the mystery of UFOs.


Do UFOs Come From Another World?

Many believe that UFOs are vehicles used by aliens to travel across the universe. Aliens visiting us from other planets fly these vehicles. Another theory claims that UFOs are miraculous scientific objects with an unknown inventor. However, are they really from other galaxies? Well, the answer is yet to be revealed due to the lack of sufficient scientific research on this phenomenon.


If Not Alien Spaceships, What Do We Call UFOs?

Usually, people believe that UFOs are similar to airplanes and clouds, and some believe that the UFO sightings are meteors-like seraphic events. However, scientists say that UFO sightings are nothing but common universal objects that people can’t recognize easily. Several reports of UFO sightings were later dismissed as just a helium balloon or other simple objects.


What Are The Most Known UFO Sightings To Date?

UFO sightings are not new, and we have heard a lot about the phenomena. Following are some of the best-known UFO sightings the world witnessed to date.


  1. 1947 – Roswell’s UFO

Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947 is the first properly documented and widely reported UFO sighting. A local farmer reported to the local authorities about the presence of strange debris on his farmland. He notified the local officials about those strange findings, and later Roswell army air force base dismissed it as nothing but the wreckage of a weather balloon that crashed on the fields.

A declassified government report from the 1990s put all rumors to rest by claiming that the object was nothing but a surveillance device that participated in a covert operation named Project Mogul.


  1. 1952 – Flatwoods, West Virginia

On 9th December 1952, a few boys came across a UFO land. More surprisingly, they saw a spade-headed creature on the landing site. However, due to inadequate research, it couldn’t be revealed whether it was an alien spaceship or not.


  1. 1952 – Washington DC, UFO incident

A couple of UFO sightings at three different airports in Washington DC took place. These sightings raised a storm in the world of science and astronomy, and the severity finally induced the formation of the Robertson Panel.


  1. 1953 – The disappearance of Selix Moncla and Robert Wilson

On a winter morning of 1953, a US air force pilot and radar operator disappeared with their S89C fighter plane from over Lake Superior. The incident took place when they were pursuing an unidentified radar return.


  1. 1954 – The massive sighting in Fiorentina Stadium, Florence

A Fiorentina vs. Pistoiese football match was going on at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. Suddenly, a flock of UFOs flying at high speed stopped over the stadium. The entire stadium had over ten thousand spectators, and all of them witnessed this jaw-dropping event. They said that the UFOs were cigar-shaped.


  1. 1955 – Kelly Hopkin Ville encounter

In a farmhouse near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, a disc-shaped aircraft with a group of strange goblin-like creatures were seen. In fact, locals and the members of the farmhouse family reported that those creatures were continuously approaching the farmhouse and trying to look inside through windows. Out of fear, the residents of the farmhouse tried to shoot them several times. But they couldn’t harm those creatures. The encounter started in the evening and lasted till dawn.


  1. 1956 – Drakensberg Contactee

A bunch of pictures spotting a UFO was taken near Rosetta in the Drakensberg region. Meteorologist Elizabeth Klarer took those photographs, and she claimed that she and Akon – another alien lover, enjoyed an adventurous alien race in the evening.


  1. 1957 – The Milton Torres encounter

Milton Torres was an air force fighter pilot of the United States, and he claimed that he was instructed to intercept and fire on a UFO with an out-of-the-ordinary unusual flight pattern in East Anglia. The ground radar operator tracked that UFO, but the pilot couldn’t somehow intercept that object.


  1. The Dyatlov Pass incident, 1959

In the Dyatlov Pass, Soviet Union, a number of mysterious deaths were experienced. The victims were cross-country skiers, and official investigation reports state that they have died out of an unmapped compelling natural force that looked like an unidentified orange sphere.


  1. O’hare international airport UFO sighting, 2006

The employees and pilots of the United Airlines reported the sighting of an unlit, saucer-shaped craft in the O’hare airport terminal. After sighting, it left with an unimaginably agile vertical rise.


  1. Pilot’s UFO sighting in 2021

A pilot of American Airlines reported on 2nd February 2021 that he had seen a long cylindrical object that resembles a cruise missile while flying his craft at an altitude of 37,000 feet. It was moving unbelievably fast, and the radio transmission of that floating object was clearly caught in the radarscope of the control room.

So… these were the top eleven reported UFO sightings to date. Now you may say, if people see UFOs, then the existence of aliens shouldn’t be questioned. But is that really true?


Do Aliens Really Visit Earth?

Our beloved solar system has nine planets, and among them, only Earth has been able to produce proof of life’s existence. But what about the planets and satellites that are parts of the other solar systems? The universe is a mystery in itself, and organizations like NASA are on a continued trial of resolving those hardly known secrets.

A lot of astronomers like Neil Armstrong, Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawla have visited the unknown worlds of the universe to develop an understanding of what goes around beyond our eyes. We have got to know many things because of them, but a lot more are still unknown. Going by this logic, it’s obviously possible; like us, the residents of the other solar system also try to visit and explore the unexplored horizons of the universe, and maybe they see us as aliens.

However, this guess can be established as the fact that science hasn’t been able to find solid proof of the aliens’ and UFOs’ existence. Thus, this mystery remains as an unrevealed one!

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