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The Amazon Echo Is Spying On You, Shuts Down When Asked About CIA, NSA

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YouTube demonetized my entire channel on September 24th. If I make changes to my channel, I may be able to get back my monetization features in 30 days.

The problem is YouTube doesn’t tell you which videos are causing your channel to be demonetized.

A new video shows a woman asking an Amazon Echo a slew of questions about the Central Intelligence Agency, which it answers. But what happens when she asks it, “Alexa, are you connected to the CIA?”

Radio silence.

The video comes after the WikiLeaks Vault 7 leak earlier this week, which brought charges that anything connected to the internet, regardless of encryption, could be tapped by the CIA.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been connected to the CIA. In 2013, Bezos bought The Washington Post. Shortly thereafter, The Washington Times reports, Bezos “clinched a $600 million contract with the CIA. The contract was supposed to be a deal for Mr. Bezos and his web-based business to build the CIA a private cloud for intel data.”



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