Dr Pier Luigi Lattuada presents Transe Learning

Biotransenergetics (BTE)
BTE is a new rivolutionary methodology that bring togheter post-modernity and tradition, is an integral discipline that integrate shamanism and meditation, spirituality and Body Mind practices, state of consciousness and emotional mastership, mindfulness and ceremonies, healing practices and archetypal constellations.
BTe is a deeply innovative Transpersonal Psychotherapy that, thanks to a participatory vision, offers tools for a inceasing dialogue between individual and environnement, the boundaries of te personal history and the qualities of the Transpersonal Self.
BTE is a result of over thirthy thousands hours of clinical work, both individual and in group, has been presented in over fifty International Conferences all over the world (Italy, Brazil, USA, Russia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Bulgaria, Rumania, Moldova, Latvia) and in sixteen published books.

Who ?
To medical doctors, psychologist, psychotherapist, heealing pratictionners, teachers, managers, artists, good will women and men.

BTE may lead us, with awareness and compassion, through the shadow of our personal history, through death and rebirth, never ending awakes..

• Offer to medical doctors, psychologist, psychotherapist, heealing pratictionners, a powerful and innovative clinical methodology.
• Point out to teachers new educational paths
• Open to artist new creative horizons
• Give to the manager self confidence and personal power.

Offers to everyone effective tools to:
• Facilitate organismics healing process and prevent illness
• Educate to self healing
• Recognise the creative potential of symptom
• Master states of consciousness
• Develop emotional intelligence
• Acheive the true nature of the Self
• Explore the Transpersonal dimension of Psychè
• Enter in Transe with the archetypal forces

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