DEVILS: ReAL Witches, Witchcraft & Paranormal (Flying Girl plays w/ Demon caught on tape)

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REAL Witches, Witchcraft & Paranormal caught on tape. In this believed to be real footage, a Flying / Levitating Girl Plays with a Demon. This witchcraft / occult / paranormal / alien / demon footage (caught on tape) you may find real demons (real alien) caught on tape, a pair of real witches…… and a real flying girl (at minimum). Also, note how the demon (demons / aliens) caught on tape look striking similar to little ufo / aliens caught on tape (or aliens in ufo footage / ufo alien drawings).

Flying Girl / Levitating Girl — Some suggest the image is that of a Flying humanoid hybrid alien and/or Flying Nephilim (some type of humanoid hybrid). Others feel the Flying Girl (Levitating girl) and her mother are simply straight forward REAL real witches, performing real occult, and real witchcraft in the footage. Thus, the manifestation of the real demons caught on tape.

DEVILS: ReAL Witches, Witchcraft & Paranormal (Flying Girl plays w/ Demon caught on tape)…… Is a quick promotional video for the upcoming Trey smith / God in a Nutshell documentary: Entities. NOTE: The Russian Flying girl caught on tape was not quite strong enough for inclusion in the coming “Entities” — however — the more video editors I passed the tape to, the more perplexed replies I got in return. Most leaned towards there being no wires (one person even spent a week on this clip going through a frame at a time). There are a lot of strange things in the footage….. anomalies that look strikingly like dimensional alien / demonic bodies with arms, legs…. even what looks like a demon cat at one point. Again, it wasn’t quite strong enough to even play as a little clip in “Entities” — but, since “Enitites” contains some things from Russia that are VERY verifiable…. I thought using the “Russian Flying Girl” as a promo was appropriate. I leave it in your hands to decide what your looking at…..

PS: Those saying the demon figure under the little flying / levitating girl is an “out of focus weed” —– It is strange that the claimed “weed” does not go clear through the image (to the bottom)….. It stops on the ground where the little flying girl is….. Moreover, in several of the frames (close-ups right in the video) you can see the beam of light (what a few debunkers called an “out of focus weed”) go behind the girl — moving from the background to very much the foreground (an out-of focus foreground object — like a tall weed — shouldn’t do that……. This is on-top of the fact that the claimed “out-of focus weed” looks strangely like a partially invisible person. And, also — at least for me personally — this invisible demon looking thing is under a flying little girl (which I also found strange as little girls generally don’t fly…… at least not down here in Texas). What I am saying is that I think you guys will have to do better than an “out-of-focus weed” …….

Levitating / Flying girl footage is analyzed by Trey Smith (founder of the God in a Nutshell project). Additionally, the demon demons caught on tape were discovered by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell video editors whilst working on (and sorting through “real occult / real witchcraft” and/or “real ufo” and “real alien” footage from all around the globe.

Music for Real Flying Girl, Demon, Witches & Witchcraft (video) is by German composer: Michael Donner

Real Flying Girl, Demon, Witches & Witchcraft was produced by God in a Nutshell project / Trey Smith

God in a Nutshell project:

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Devils: Real Flying Girl, Real Demon, Real Witches, Witchcraft & Paranormal caught on Tape.

Real Levitating Girl / Real Human Hybrid / Real Nephilim / Real Alien caught on tape and Real Demon caught on tape (however you view it) — Is authentic footage un-tampered by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell project. Levitating Human Hybrid Flying girl has been enhanced to bring out real demon footage and real witchcraft footage in some areas (but yet unaltered in any other possible way).

Real Levitating Girl Human Hybrid Footage (and real Demon Caught on Tape) is also for promotion of the upcoming Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell project documentary, “Entities”.

Entities is a firework show of information and imagery.

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Jesus is Lord…… And, I give Him praise for the ability to make these videos. Any issues or problems with the video are from my end, not His……….

God bless everyone of you.

Trey Smith