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*Unexplained seasonal changes discovered in Martian oxygen levels
Scientists have detected mysterious seasonal changes in oxygen levels in the air directly above the surface of Gale Crater on Mars.
*Water detected on interstellar visitor
Astronomers have detected signs of water spewing from the interstellar comet 2i Borisov which is about to make its closest approach to the Sun before beginning its trek back out of the solar system.
*Hundreds more Near Earth Objects detected
The European Space Agency’s Near Earth Objects Co-ordination Centre has detected another 350 previously unknown NEO’s or Near Earth Objects over the past month.
*New class of black holes
Scientists have proposed a new class of black holes – smaller than stellar-mass black holes – but larger than hypothetical primordial black holes.
*Sixty more Starlink satellites launched
SpaceX has launched another 60 Starlink microsatellites as part of its plans to establish a global high speed internet satellite network.
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*China’s busy launch schedule continues
Beijing has shifted into high gear with an accelerating launch schedule during the closing months of the year.
*The Science Report
Antarctica likely to drive rapid sea-level rise under climate change.
Has your Apple Watch ever told you that your heartbeat is irregular?
Pollution caused by people’s use of antidepressants found to disrupt the behaviour of fish.
Phosphate mining affecting the health of coral reefs
Discovery of a new health risk from spaceflight that could have deadly consequences.
Britain’s National Health Service has issued warning of the anti-vaccination claims of homeopaths.

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