Ufo Sightings

UFO sightings over Winnipeg Manitoba & All Over Canada! #9

UFO sightings over Winnipeg Manitoba

Report of UFOs in Canada increased by 159% in one year.
7.5% of sighting completely unexplainable.

Eye witness report:

I was in Winnipeg, Manitoba at approximately 10-10:30 walking my dog, around the paddington area. I noticed the object flying too low to the ground to be an airplane or a helicopter. As I looked around there was an airplane not too far from the crafts that I noticed; as airplanes blink red and blue this craft did not; as well as not make any noise what so ever. The objects were beaming red with a dash of orange; and the lighting was a constant red and light orange. I noticed one object, then not far behind another object. Not too long after that i noticed there was at least 5 object all going in the same direction in a straight line. I then noticed a formation of the 3 objects in a line facing upwards in the sky, they stayed there for at least 30sec to a 1 minute in length then took off again in a straight line heading towards hwy 59. south of the city. I lost sight of them due to the fact of me being a little freaked out and because I couldn’t catch up to them by foot. It seems as though they were headed towards the south end of the city towards HWY. 59 and south perimeter.

Tell us what you think it they are.

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