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UFO Sighting in Cedar Rapids, IA USA (08.06.2012) Real and Caught on Tape at 11:12PM

A UFO Was spotted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (USA) at about 11:12 PM on August 6th 2012.

Back story of the video:
My brother, friend and I were able to capture the UFO, or saucer, or whatever you call it–on film.
My friend happened to be filming this flying UFO on his cellphone as well.

At first we were not sure if it was just a star, light, plane, or what, but it was right next to the moon–glowing pretty bright. But the second the light took of and started shooting and dancing across the night sky, our skepticism jumped to curiosity.

I don’t want to get into the discussion of UFO’s being real or not, but what we saw here–upto the moment it beamed across the sky (galaxy)–I am still fairly freaked and creeped out, and a bit shook up.

The sighting is real footage captured and caught on tape

What do you guys think this could have been?

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