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Moderated by Roger Moore, The Secret KGB Abduction Files discusses evidence of KGB involvement in UFO research after World War Two. Is it possible alien races built or helped in the building of the pyramids? Supposed UFO video evidence of a crashed saucer is shown as well.

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This program investigates the many probes and projects sponsored by the KGB to look into paranormal matters. Along the way, viewers will learn much about the their bizarre view of American history and the effects certain paranormal events had on it. Included is much footage never seen until now.

JFK Assassination:
Nov. 22 1963, the world was shocked by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The mystery surrounding this history changing event has led to many un-solved questions. With the collapse of the Iron Curtin, many KGB officials have surfaced with top secret files posing the following questions: 1) Why couldnt Nakita Khrushchev be found for hours following the assassination? 2) Why did Lyndon Johnson scramble his entire arsenal of nuclear bombers within minutes of the assassination? 3) Why were there so many discrepancies with the Oswald as the lone gunman theory? 4) What of all the disputable autopsy evidence? 5) Explore recently de-classified information, photos, and film, for the first time on TV, to find out the amazing answers.

Now the world will see what Russian spies kept hidden. Join host Roger Moore in an exclusive investigation into one of the most compelling events of our time. For five decades, American agencies have stockpiled information on UFOs. So did their counterparts behind the iron curtain. Soldiers, scientists and spies all paint a disturbing picture of their secret campaign! The UFO encounter that almost sparked a nuclear war. The pair of MiG fighters that tried to shoot down a UFO – both jets blown out of the sky! Stunning proof that the Soviets recovered something not from this earth! Amazing film footage smuggled out of Russia.

The film was re-released in Nov 2004 as a 2-disc set with another Associated Television special hosted by Patrick Macnee. The set is called UFOs Uncensored (and also includes clips from The Secret KGB UFO Files). Also another similar in type 2-disc set was released at the same time entitled Top Secret Files.

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Sex Files:
Can sex be used to steal top secret government documents? Just how far will people go? Its all caught on camera. Has sex changed our future? They have used sex tapes as blackmail for years against some of the worlds most powerful people. Could it be possible that even the Vatican has fallen victim to sex tapes? Hidden cameras have caught these incidents on tape, and are revealed here for the first time.

UFO: The Secret KGB UFO Abduction Files (1998)

When researchers began looking into just how much the Soviet government knew about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation, they were not surprised to learn that the Russians took the subject very seriously. What they didnt expect was evidence of ancient alien visitation, paranormal properties associated with related artifacts, and most shocking of all, of a mass abduction in 1985!

Among the piles of materials obtained from former Soviet spies, some extremely puzzling and disturbing documents and film footage surfaced confirming rumors which had been circulating for decades. In the late 1950s and 60s, the Russians became very interested in a number of unusual and newly discovered archaeological sites in Egypt.

By interpreting ancient symbols, one of those sites was believed to contain the remains of a life form not from earth. Startling top secret film footage, never before seen outside the Kremlin confirms the Soviet mission to recover and analyze these remains.

Hosted by Roger Moore
Filming locations: Egypt

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Updated: Mar 28, 2014
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