The Real Reason For Atheism. The Disturbing Truth

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I’m a Muslim and a firm supporter of evolution. It’s about time a theist should tell the truth against himself and other theists.

Coarse language will be deleted and blocked. Please debate in a civilized manner.

Argument # 1:
You have few choices to explain the “apparent” design and the extremely accurate manufacturing process that brought you here and made you a free thinker and a designer (including evolution by natural selection). You can choose a Designer or you can choose chance, I don’t know, or an argument from ignorance. If you choose a Designer and try to improve on this fine tuned yet non-perfect temporary design you’ll be honoring the contract you made with God and the reason of your existence in this temporary space time. If you choose other than a Designer God will simply leave your consciousness to be in a new form of life in the coming big bang. My other videos explain why we’re here, what is Hell, what was this contract we made with God and why we can’t remember it:

In my other video (Physicists Prove God) even atheist physicists don’t accept the atheistic anthropic principle as an answer, the cosmological constant alone requires you to believe in the existence of multiverse more than the atoms of our universe by a trillion trillion trillion times, this is a ridiculous number but still nothing to infinity:

Many physicists suggested that we need at least 10^500 multiverse and “maybe” we’ll have a universe like ours which can support intelligent life, that’s the number of all atoms of the universe (10^80) followed by 420 zeros. Do you really prefer blind chance over a Designer? You’re here to make a choice, watch the videos to make an informed one.

Argument # 2 Evolution:
Quran strongly supports evolution as you can see in my other videos. I’m not disputing Greeks early thought or Darwin’s contribution:
Evolution was an Islamic Theory Before Darwin:

Argument # 3 Order Vs Chaos:
You can have an infinite number of chaotic observations but zero observation for an order that was created by chance, examples that I got from comments are a deck of cards, Rubik’s cube, infinite number of arrangements for snow, sand, you name it. You can’t have order by chance, it’s not logical and it’s IMPOSSIBLE no matter how many times you try, but if you use your intelligence then you can arrange the cards or solve Rubik’s cube, this is how logically we can see there is an intelligence behind this universe.

Argument # 4 The universe is not perfect.
Of course it isn’t, it’s a temporary universe, just a test, feed the hungry, help the orphans, protect the environment, do what you can to improve it to qualify for the “Perfect Universe”.

Argument # 5 What is Hell?
Hell is the coming big bang and the coming universe:

Quran Vs. Lawrence Krauss and “A Universe From Nothing”:

Anyone who obeys God in any of His messages to humanity will be saved from Hell, God will also save all young, oppressed, weak, those who didn’t get a message and anyone who didn’t have the ability to make a choice, this is all written in Quran, I’m not bringing anything from myself.

Argument # 6 Islam and terrorism, Free Speech and Freedom of Religion:
Terrorists disobey direct Quranic orders:
Quran Vs Terrorism. Richard Dawkins on Islam Debunked:

Top 10 Islamic Countries According to Quran NOT to Statistics: