Antarctica Secret Mysteries Hidden in THIS OLD FILM?

In this new mini-doc I take a stab at Antarctica. Why have so many world leaders been taking trips there? What is hidden there in...
Ufo Sightings

UFO Sightings “Alien Human Project” Full Length Documentary! FUll DISCLOSURE Watch Now!

UFO Sightings The Alien Human Project Full Length Documentary “World Premiere” Watch Now 2013! Free To all Subscribers of Thirdrphaseofmoon! Humanity’s oldest question of whether...
New World Order

AntChrist NWO New World order End Times Last Days Final Hour Bible Prophecy Revealed May 2016

AntChrist NWO New World order End Times Last Days Final Hour Current Events Bible Prophecy Revealed May 2016 Part2 Bible Prophecy wars leading to...
Other Earths

Alien Planets Revealed – A Nova Science 2014 Doc.

Documentary which aired in january 2014, a good documentary which asks the question “Are we alone?” and what might alien life look like on these...
The Great Pyramids

The Great Egyptian Pyramids: Hidden Energy usage secret

The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the three...
Skunk Ape

Dave Shealy’s 2000 Skunk Ape Footage

From’s story on Dave Shealy, Florida’s self-proclaimed skunk ape expert:

Demon Magicians: Episode 1 – Reveal THIS – (Criss Angel, Dynamo, David Blaine and more)

Continuation of: A brand new series of short vids that will disprove the idea of all “magic” being “fake”. The previous videos showed bad examples...
Secrets of The Vatican

The Real Alien Secret the Vatican Holds. Revealed!!!

Artwork & Text by Rosemary A. B. Harper (RABH) (RABHI) Remote Viewing + Hearing of Vatican and Alien Secrets about your Immortal Soul. by Rosemary...

THE TRUTH ABOUT WITCHCRAFT REVEALED feat Intellectual Nuben Menkarayzz (DVD) Prod by A Lawrence (HQ)

Please visit to download the full TRUTH ABOUT WITCHCRAFT REVEALED dvd at the special discount price of £3.28 (UK) / $4.99 (USA). The truth about...
Secrets of The Vatican

Vatican Crimes Exposed: Top 10 Most Evil Popes in History

Protect Your Children Foundation works diligently to expose the crimes committed by men and women who utilize the name of God to gain trust, and...

Pranic Healing Living – Inner Hinduism Revealed

Schedule a Healing Today A quick introduction to Inner Hinduism Revealed. If you are a practicing Hindu or spiritual seeker who would like to experience...
The Great Pyramids

2 The Great Pyramid of Egypt, How was it Built- new solid theory, new evidence. JP Houdin. 2011

“How were the Great Pyramids of Egypt built?!!” The question that puzzled and eluded generation after generation might finally be answered by none other than...
Mayan Calendar

2012 The Real Maya Prophecy – The world will not end

http// Directed by Cassidy Rast. 2012 Maya Prophecy. A sneak preview into the documentary film GUATEMAYA “The Unification of Wisdom” which journeys into the heart...

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