little …

Alien Abductions

Little Green Men – Alien Abduction

Every other Wednesday we present a new video, so join us to see the truth laid bare… The majority of people who claim to have...
Ancient Giants

Christmas Day WAR Against the White House??

The World isn’t Ready for this One! contact SUBSCRIBE & Become a supporter at: If you like my channel please support it on Patreon...
Crop Circles

New UK crop circles – Wenlock Wood, Little Wenlock, Shropshire – 17 June 2012

Description link: United Kingdom crop circles; Wenlock Wood nr Little Wenlock, Shropshire – June 17th, 2012 ——————- círculos de las cosechas Kornkreise círculo da...

Stonehenge link to UFO sightings: 4000 year old Alien Grey found during scientific expedition

4000 year old Alien Grey carving surfaces at the Ancient site of Stonehenge in England during stone surface testing. This is an AUTHENTIC CARVING in...

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