Alien Abductions Aliens And Ufo's

The Most Important Alien Story NEVER Told | The UFO Conclusion | Absolute Documentaries

What is the alien agenda? Are UFOs real? And why has the government gone to such great lengths to stifle the overwhelming evidence that there...
Alien Abductions Aliens And Ufo's

Ancient Aliens: Dinosaur Secrets Revealed in Ica Stones (Season 4)

Workers have uncovered a collection of stones depicting human encounters with dinosaurs in Ica, Peru, in this clip from Season 4, “Aliens and Dinosaurs”. Watch...
Alien Abductions Aliens And Ufo's

UFO CRASH LANDS IN ANTARCTICA | The Proof Is Out There | #Shorts

An investigator comes across something extraordinary while scanning images of Antarctica, see more in this clip from Proof Is Out There “Solar Spaceship & Invisibility...
Documentaries Hauntings Paranormal

PARANORMAL Activity at Oakwell Hall | GhostHunters (Real Paranormal Footage)

Experts investigate the most haunted locations, using psychic mediums and scientific equipment. Subscribe For More Documentaries 👉 **This documentary is under non-exclusive license from...
Documentaries Orbs Paranormal

The Proof Is Out There: Unexplained Lightning Phenomenon Caught On Camera (Season 1) | History

Watch all new episodes of The Proof Is Out There, Tuesdays at 10/9c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel...
Flat Earth

This Flat Earther Thinks NASA is Lying to You

What if everything you’ve learnt is a lie? What if NASA and the illuminati have been pulling the wool over your eyes since birth? What...
Ufo Sightings

UFO Sightings “Alien Human Project” Full Length Documentary! FUll DISCLOSURE Watch Now!

UFO Sightings The Alien Human Project Full Length Documentary “World Premiere” Watch Now 2013! Free To all Subscribers of Thirdrphaseofmoon! Humanity’s oldest question of whether...
The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Has Been Solved

Scientists May Have Finally Cracked the Greatest Mystery Behind the Bermuda Triangle. There are many creepy stories about the disappearing of airplanes and . Subscribe...
Space Mysteries

Alien Earths Documentary

A 2009 documentary by NatGeo, showing us the hunt for earthlike planets which orbits other stars, using the Kepler spacetelescope to detect a tiny wobble...

The Real Vampires of ‘True Blood’?

HBO’s True Blood may have popularized the Southern vampire, but are there actually real blood-sucking beasts lurking in the bayou? We visited Father Sebastiaan, who...
September 2015


ALERT! WILL ASTEROID HIT EARTH ON BLOODMOON DAY_SEPT 2015? – FULL DOCUMENTARY The governments of the world know that a very large asteroid will hit...
The Moon Landing

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the...
The Moon Landing

NASA’s Apollo 9 Moon Mission – Proof It Wasn’t a Hoax – CharlieDeanArchives / Archival Footage

Stresses the testing of the Lunar Module, the spacecraft that will land men on the Moon. Featured are sequences of launch, successful rendezvous, EVA, and...
The Moon Landing

NASA’s Apollo 8 Moon Mission – Proof it wasn’t a hoax – CharlieDeanArchives / Archival Footage

Man’s first voyage to another celestial body, including an orbit around the Moon on Christmas, proves more amazing in fact than anticipation. Featured are air-to-ground...
Crop Circles

The mystery of the crop circles – documentary – trailer

TruthAdmin An in-depth overview on the unexplainable phenomenon of the crop circles. Extremely complex figures appear from one day to the next on the crop...

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