Sikh Soldiers | Khalistan Zindabad [English Subs]

Sikh Soldiers were born from the sword, Death can’t scare them. Proud Sikh rule will fly their flag high. Sikh goals are different from any other nation in the world. The Sikh Nation sacrificed gheir heads to keep Sikhism alive. It is impossible to stop the voice of the truth. Sikhs are always read to be sacrificed to keep their pride and Sikhism. Sikh are brave soldiers of the Khalsa Nation. You can try hard to finish them, it’s impossible Sikhs will stay alive. They will rule their own kingdom and will fly their freedom flag high. Sikh are a brave nation, they will not tolerate slavery. Don’t think anyone can understand, its the real teuth. Sikhs will rule their own free kingdom. Proud Sikh Soldiers will fly the Sikh flag high.

Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale Zindabad.
Khalistan Zindabad.
Raj Karega Khalsa.
Bole So Nihal! Sat Sri Akaal!

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