SHOCKING SECRETS of Antarctica – TRUTH is Stranger than Fiction – Enoch, Byrd, Gilgamesh

Return of the Nephilim, Ark of Covenant, Jurrasic World, Garden of Eden, Titans, giants, Admiral Byrd, Shambala, gods, demigods, Fallen Angels, UFOs, Aliens, Clones, Cryptids, Scorpions, outer darkness… you name it, #antarctica has it

Why are all the world leaders visisting Antarctica? Why have all the major nations of the world entered into a Treaty to ban the rest of humanity from having access to Antarctica?
The #GreatAwakening has begun.

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We found the Brother cited in this video reading the Epic of Gilgamesh! Many commenters pointed me to “Glop of Truth” and that’s him. Thank you! So here is a link to his new youtube channel:

And 2 pictures in this video were from “JayDreamerz” channel. Check him out, he’s cool too:

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