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A guy shares his feed back about his random psychic reading which was conducted by Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom who is known as The Prophet Of The Christ. This guy was so excited to have met Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom. He talks about her high level of skill and accuracy. This was a real psychic reading that was randomly conducted. This video was not staged or rigged! This is a random stranger who decided to share his experience with Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom. Please watch and don’t forget to subscribe now! Free Emailed Readings!

Some of her huge prophecies includes the unfortunate passing of Farrah Fawcett,Patrick Swayze,Whitney Houston,the divorce of Mark Anthony and J-Lo,the pregnancies of Mariah Carey,Beyonce,Celine Dion and much! Master Psychic Lady Of Wisdom is the only known psychic who had correctly predicted the come back and the death of Whitney Houston.