Plants of the Voynich Manuscript 1v thru 10v

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The Voynich Manuscript is a mysterious book, dubbed “the book that can’t be read” because of the cryptic and unidentified language it’s written in. All that’s really known about it is that it’s 600 years old, written with gall-ink and once belonged to the court of Rudolph II. The overall impression is that it’s an old pharmacopeia and during that time people were just starting to learn practical medicine, although some are convinced it’s a book of witchcraft or a cypher with forbidden knowledge. It’s defied all attempts of interpretation. My older series #1 – #18 is my personal attempt at understanding the language, which I got much further than I ever expected. Here is the first of a new series I’m doing to show that the plants in the book can be matched to something in real life.

Link to #1 of the original series.

1r – doesn’t have any plant on it
1v – Deadly Nightshade
2r – Spotted Knapweed
2v – Egyptian White Water-Lily
3r – Feathered Amaranth
3v – Dungwort
4r – Snow Saxifrage
4v – Rampion Bellflower
5r – Wolfsbane
5v – Red Mallow
6r – Bear’s Breeches
6v – Blue Globe Thistle
7r – Purple Starthistle
7v – Bog Myrtle
8r – Common Ivy
8v – Comfrey
9r – Castor Oil Plant
9v – Violet
10r – Chicory
10v – Ground Ivy