Planet with rings – Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, the giant planets of the Solar System

If you think that there is only a ring of Saturn, then you are very much mistaken. Rings have all four giant planets of our solar system. Even Pluto, too, have the opportunity to ring. spaceship flying through them can be fatal. The particles in the orbit of Saturn move fifteen times faster than a bullet so that would find them, hunters rings should have advanced technology. In this series you will hunt for planets with rings, from the far depths of space to an astonishing ring systems we have at hand.

The rings of the planet – a system of flat concentric formations of ice and dust orbiting in the equatorial plane of the planet. Rings found in all the gas giants of the solar system: Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and the asteroid Chariklo may have Rhea, Saturn’s moon.It is not excluded the possibility of a short-lived in the past (in astronomical terms), rings of other planets, including the Earth. The fall of Phobos through 11 million years can lead to the formation of rings of MarsSaturn’s ring system was discovered in the XVII veke. Its first observed, most likely, Galileo Galilei in 1610, but due to the poor quality of optics, he did not see the ring, but only “appendages” on either side of Saturn.

Over 300 years was considered the only planet Saturn surrounded by rings. Only in 1977, when observing stellar occultation by Uranus, the planet of the ring have been found. Weak and thin rings of Jupiter were discovered in 1979, the spacecraft “Voyager 1”. After 10 years, in 1989, “Voyager 2” discovered Neptune’s rings.The ring may also have satellite Rhea Saturn. Data transmitted in November 2005 and in August 2007 the unit “Cassini – Huygens’, showed that when entering the” shadow “of Rhea, Saturn’s flow of electrons detected by abnormally decreased several times, which may indicate the presence of three rings at Rhea.

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