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nufosmatic Feb 2012 12 months of UFO Sightings on NUFORC

The National UFO Sighting Mapping, Analysis, and Tracking Integration Cybersite (NUFOSMATIC) maps UFO sightings from the National UFO Reporting Center on a map of the United States and the border provinces of Canada. This video is a collection of 14-day “density” plots for 12 months starting February 2012. Each day represents the a plot of the sum of all UFO sightings for 14 days starting on the displayed data with RED indicating a lot of sightings nearby through PURPLE showing few sightings. More stuff on the site. The SEQUENCE plot will let you zoom in on a region of the map and actually display the sighting report from NUFORC. We’ve just added a “Forums” for discussion of sightings found on the maps! Be sure to visit and the other links on the site. Have fun. Look to the sky. Let us know what you see…

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