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Monitoring of Giant UFOs near the Sun – August 25, 2013

Note the huge UFO that hangs above the surface of the sun in 1 hour! Look! 0:59
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You can see the different types of unidentified objects. Objects have different shapes and sizes. UFOs are in different points in space near the Sun. These objects have a material structure. Attention skeptics, religious fanatics and those who believe the tales NASA! Objects shown in the video are the real origin!
This is not interference in the satellite, not broken pixels, not meteorites, not the solar particles and other qualifications that tries to convince NASA. Interference, broken pixels, meteorites, the charged particles can not have the correct complex geometries can not travel on different paths with the correct motion vector change! All objects – a UFO different forms and sizes!.These many UFO near our Sun are real unidentified objects. UFOs are of different sizes, different structures, different forms. Many UFOs are around some “energy” field. “UFOs are always near our sun. UFOs flying into the sun, and fly out of the sun. Many unidentified objects, fly up to the sun and to maneuver at high speeds. For all movement UFO can be seen in my previous file perennial surveys UFO near the Sun on this channel. In the early history of research, I was getting good quality images of the objects, but more than a year, NASA provides the public images of very poor quality. People questioned NASA. NASA responded that these UFOs – a speck of dust on the lens, these UFOs – broken pixels on the sensor lens, these UFOs – meteorites, etc. Excuses, NASA was vast. But now, NASA is silent. People should know the truth!
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(RUS) Аномалии, НЛО и голографические изображения в околосолнечном пространстве – 26 августа 2013

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