Future Disciple – The Mayans Are Coming Back

Out now –

Borderline mentalist ‘disciple’ returns to Perfecto Fluoro with a solid EP of drilling club material. Absolutely hammered by Oakenfold, Simon Patterson and John Askew over the last few months “The Mayans Are Coming Back” this is the first of a series of EPs forthcoming from FD on Fluoro.

As included on Oakendfold’s “We Are Planet Perfecto” compilation in October 2014 the title track reeks of signature Future Disciple acid and mystic mayhem. It’s filthy yet sharp, dirty yet clean. It’s an epic of mammoth proportions from a legendary producer who holds a god like status in the Perfecto office.

“Gold Sweepers” is a worthy partner in crime and together the pair will infiltrate and deceive you like Bonnie and Clyde. Or Cannon and Ball.


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