ELITE were CONTROLLED by Reptilian God ANU – History of Mankind – Part 47

Desteni presents: The History of Mankind (HoM) — Series
Produced: 2007

Jack will walk you through the History of Mankind. In each video he will present another piece of the puzzle to our existence. The material will contain some parts you might not directly understand, yet by listening all the video’s in order, you will get a clear view and – most of all – a new way to look at our history and all that we have been taught at school, religion and society.

The HoM – series has been deemed as controversial and may contain things you don’t agree with or has been taught to you otherwise. Yet we ask you to listen to this perspective on the history of mankind as it might enrich your understanding of life and this world. This series is presented by Jack through the Interdimensional Portal. Please take a look at our FAQ (http://desteni.org/faq) and our forum (http://forum.desteni.org/) for any questions you might have. You can also ask your questions through commenting.

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