CERN Knights Templar Connection: Demon Spirits Swiss Shapeshifters Proof – Trill Report

With all the talk about Jade Helm 15 it is easy to forget about or overlook what is going on in Switzerland. Cern Templar connection gives proof of what many have suspected all along. Please download and repost as instructed by the creator of it.

Demons,spirits,and other supernatural beings are being seen. I want to thank all of the people that point me to sources of information. Without you guys I do not know if I would be able to bring these videos to the people that really want to see them. Please watch and share.

This video does not just spew out claims,but shows you proof of the statements being made along with supporting evidence of the claims being made. We must understand that all governments across the land is connected in an evil plot to do as they wish. Keep an open mind as you watch this because you could be doing yourself an injustice by just writing it off as more internet conspiracy. please share,repost!

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