Are Werewolves Real?

Stereotypical Topics Episode Three
Todays Topic – “Are Werewolves Real?”

A comedy featuring stereotypical topics discussed by stereotypical guests that are not so stereotypical.

Tribal Rose & TecZ Music Productions Presents …
Stereotypical Topics Episode Three

With your Host…
The Narcoleptic Correspondent (No disrespect to anyone else with Narcolepsy, gotta laugh at myself once in a while)
Played by, Dalton C. Teczon (yes, I also have cataplexy)

Guest Starring…
Robert Mullikin as
Jacob Boggen

Any resemblance to real life persons is merely coincidental.

All other characters played by, Dalton C. Teczon;
Uncle TZ
Frost Topp from the band Topp Traccs
Mickie, The Studio’s Cameraperson

Script, Editing, Cinematography, Makeup, Direction and total creation by, Dalton C. Teczon

All Rights Exclusive – Copyright March/April/May 2010 – Dalton C. Teczon

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