Archimedes Past life revealed by God-manipulated hacker! Reincarnation – TRUE STORY

— THE STORY! (a few more details) —
NOTE: I mispoke a bit in the video initially.. as the e-mail was not FROM Archemedes.. but addressed “TO Archemedes” – but to my e-mail address. – which was NOT changed in the hacked account by the hacker – just the NAME and PROFILE PICTURE were.

Just past midnight 01/23/2015 I expressed frustration in an e-mail to someone regarding not knowing about my past lives. I had this frustration because I am AWAKENED, aware of higher-dimensions of existence, but had yet to have experiences or gain further understanding of my eternal self which has many lives. Additionally, the person I was talking to was CLEARLY ACTIVATED in some way I was not. – (..and I can connect to some very high consciousness streams.)

I also explicitly expressed (either in my e-mail or out loud to self, i forget – I could check my gmail) that I wanted the information to be provided in some “NATURAL or INDEPENDENT way” where I was not solely reliant upon information from a psychic or a past-life regression. Basically, I somehow wanted the disclosure to be experience or synchronicity-based. (of course, at the time.. that was just an intense thought in my head – I certainly did NOT expect what would happen just a few hours later.

I immediately went to sleep and was awakened 6 hours later by an e-mail notification on my phone.. right near my bed. I was a bit surprised to see it read “Hello Archemedes..” – NOTE: I am actually super-intuitive and had had many incredible experiences since my awakening in Fall 2013. Therefore, I actually knew very quickly.. that “something might be up”.. this message MIGHT ACTUALLY be for me. –

This VIDEO is simply about the CONFIRMATION of that experience. The images at beginning of video are authentic – aside from the overlaid explanatory red-text.

NOTE: Virtually EVERYONE has had many past lives. Each life takes a different form, although commonalities and themes may exist between the lives.

I am NOT going to get into a debate about how I am the exact same person, since that is not how re-incarnation actually works. – and NOT the point of this video. However, for people who seek curious commonalities or patterns in such situations/claims:

A) I scored 99 percentile on my SAT Math – college admission
B) Was born near “Eureka!”
C) Had a child by a lady from Syracuse.

Ultimately, the goal of this video is to encourage YOU to start intending and exploring your own consciousness growth during the special age we are in.. and learn more about YOUR Past-Lives, Eternal Self, and Connected-ness to the Universe.

PEACE and LOVE to you! 🙂

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