Alien Moon, the satellites of the planets of the solar system, we go on a journey into hostile land

The satellites of the planets of the solar system … Once upon a time they were not known, or they were not interested, but now they are at the forefront of astronomical research. Surprisingly, not all of them are similar to our Moon. “Small” members of the solar system does not cause lack of interest. What surprises await us in these alien moons?

The satellites of the planets – a body of natural or synthetic origin, like the planet, but smaller, orbiting planets.
In relation to satellite earth is not alone. Most of the other planets in the solar system also have moons. The number of satellites there are between 1 to as much as 67 Earth to Jupiter. Two of our planets, Mercury and Venus have no satellites. Saturn – 63, Uranus – and Neptune 27 – 14. 5 satellites of Pluto, which include Charon.

It’s so big in comparison with himself Pluto, astronomers are taking these two sites for a double planet, rather than for the planet and satellite. Also satellites vary greatly in size. The smallest satellite of Mars – Deimos with a diameter of about 10 miles (11 km). The largest moon in the solar system, the planet Jupiter – Ganymede, with a diameter of 3280 miles (5262 km). This makes Ganymede, larger than the planet Mercury. For comparison, the Earth’s satellite 2160 miles (3476 km) in diameter.

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