Alien Moon Structure NASA frame #126 of Lunar Orbiter Mission, UFO Sighting News.

PLZ HELP: 100+ Bases On The Moon Discovered (Many Photos and source), UFO Sighting News.

I have never asked for assistance before, but this time there are too many. They must be recorded before they take the site down. We may have a few days to a 2 weeks. PLEASE HELP ME, Scott C. Waring.

I found these structures on the moons surface and you can zoom in on them to get some real good views. The detail stands out a lot. I am asking all those interested in UFOs both amateur and professionals to please go to the source immediately and search for these black buildings, there are over 100+ of these structures. Please record them on your camera or cell phone and upload them to youtube ASAP. There are too many for me to document all of them. Below are some examples of how much detail and how close you can get. These photos are from #4 area of the source:

Moon photo locations


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