9/11 Conspiracy – Was a False Flag

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What you are seeing in the first video of “collapse” 0:04 and 2:22 is a top down controlled explosive demolition, and a first in controlled demolition. Instead of safely imploding the building by wrapping shape-charges it may have been set with un-wrapped detcord and the charges were far greater than a classic controlled implosion. The second building footage collapse 0:10 is a more classic controlled imploding demolition however both scream false flag and conspiracy when you factor in the official version of history. All footage in this video is from 9/11 the day it happened, including clips from William Coopers 9/11 Radio Broadcast. Both Barry Jennings and Cooper have since been assassinated. 9/11 was absolutely guaranteed a psyop to initiate the war of civilizations now well underway. Abundant proof to 911 being a warcrime, and evidence showing the real perpetrators can be found here: