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2005 UFO Sighting

I spotted this thing from the patio of our townhouse in West Bloomfield Michigan in the summer of 2005. I’ve sat on this footage for the longest, mainly because it took me some time to get it converted from the miniDV tape that it was on because the camera itself was destroyed in a move. I didn’t plan on revealing this to anyone until about 2 days ago when I saw that the U.S. Government seemed to want to come clean about UFO’s ( When I saw the clip on CNN, the craft looked VERY similar to the one I saw with my own eyes years ago, captured in this video.

I tried to stabilize this video in Premier using the Warp Stabilizer but unfortunately, like so many other videos, this one is not very clear BUT, I think it’s easy to see the similarities in my capture vs the one in the link from CNN.

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