1.1 Mystic Places- PILOT: From Maya Pyramids To Diquis Spheres

Mystic Places, Magical Mystery Tour. (Lugares místicos, viaje mágico y misterioso.)
**(En español abajo)

Presenting: EPISODE 1: From Mayan Pyramids To Diquis Spheres.

Episode 1 of season one, is a preview episode that serves as the pilot for the new documentary series by Jonathan W. Alexander and Brian Jones now in filming since early 2013. Episode one: From Mayan Pyramids to Diquis Spheres… takes the viewer on a magical journey throughout the Yucatan of Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras to 13 ancient mystical archeological sites of the Maya. We will be exploring the Mayan pyramids and sites of ancient mystery and see signs of ancient advanced high technology, Mayan mathematics, Geometry and hieroglyphics. We will explore ancient sites for ritual human sacrifice to the fallen Mayan god with connections to the morning star, explore stories of gods from the stars and other dimensions, legends of dwarfs and giants and much more throughout the mystical land of Mayan Mexico and Central America than we end season one with an in depth study of the mysterious stone spheres of the ancient Diquis culture of Costa Rica!

Episode one shall show the viewer a brief preview of each of the sites that will be covered throughout the 13 remaining episodes of season 1 which will be following in release successively as post production is completed while we are still in filming on future episodes.

We are now well into the filming of what will be season 3 which will cover pre-Incan and integration period cultures of the Andes and Amazon of Ecuador and Northern Peru, The large earth mound pyramids, Petroglyphs, equator based sacred sites and Incan fortresses. Season 2 filming was completed 3 months ago in Colombia and deals primarily with the rarely covered ancient mystical Tayrona culture of northern Colombia. Season 2 also covers the Mystery of the ancient death cults and ritualistic burial practices of the culture of San Agustin and Tierradentro and many other rarely seen a magical sites of mystery as well!

A FREEDOMPRESSNEWS, International Documentary Film Series.

Season One- . Episode Guide: (Guía de episodios:)
1. PILOT: Preview Episode – From Mayan Pyramids To Diquis Spheres (episodio vista previa )
2. Tulum – Quintana Roo, Mexico.
3. Muyil – Quintana Roo, Mexico.
4. Cobá – Quintana Roo, Mexico.
5. Chichén Itzá – Yucatán, Mexico.
6. Uxmal – Yucatán, Mexico.
7. Xpuhil – Campeche, Mexico.
8. Becán – Campeche, Mexico.
9. Calakmul – Campeche, Mexico.
10. Tikal – Petén, Guatemala.
11. Uaxactún – Petén, Guatemala.
12. Quiriguá – Izabal, Guatemala.
13. Copán – Honduras.
14. The Diquis Spheres – (Esferas de piedra de Costa Rica.)
(Mysterious Stone Spheres of Costa Rica)
• Sitio Arqueológico Batambal – Palmar Norte, Costa Rica.
• Sitio Arqueológico El Silencio – Palmar Sur, Costa Rica.
• Sitio Arqueológico Finca 6 – Palmar Sur, Costa Rica.

Also don’t miss the original 3 part photographic mini-series available on YouTube since March 2013!

(Además no te pierdas la parte mini-serie original 3 fotográfica disponible en YouTube desde marzo de 2013.)

• 0.1. Palenque – Chiapas, Mexico.
• 0.2. Monte Albán – Oaxaca, Mexico.
• 0.3. Teotihuacán – D.F. Mexico

A series by: (Una serie de) Jonathan W. Alexander & Brian M. Jones – FREEDOMPRESSNEWS

All Images & Video- Copyright © 2012-2014 J. Alexander Photography.
Todas las imágenes y vídeo derechos de autor © 2012-2014 J. Alexander fotografía.

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