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UFO Hunters: Multiple Orb Sightings Raise Suspicions (S3, E10) | Full Episode | History

There’s a growing phenomenon of alleged UFO sightings known as Orbs. Witnesses who see the Orbs also report having dreams, premonitions, and a deep fear....
Aliens And Ufo's

Former Presidents Talking about UFOs and Alien Life Existence – FindingUFO

Former Presidents of the USA Talking about UFOs and Alien Life Existence: Gerald Ford, Harry S. Truman and Bill Clinton....

Ancient Aliens: Nazis in the Arctic (Season 11, Episode 1) | History

Ancient astronaut theorists believe the Nazis may have established an intricate underground headquarters in the Arctic in this clip from Season 11, Episode 1, “Pyramids...
Ufo Sightings

The Government Finally Telling The Truth About Aliens & UFOs? Multiple real UFO Sightings 12/25/2017

Alien Bros is a team of UFO researchers dedicated to bringing you the latest in alien related news and anything else that seems paranormal with...
Ufo Sightings

UFO – What We’ve Learned From 60 Years of U S Funded UFO Probes

UFO – What We’ve Learned From 60 Years of U S Funded UFO Probes .UFO – What We’ve Learned From 60 Years of U S...
Ufo Sightings

Video: UFO Sighting, Las Vegas, Nevada, 9th January 2016

This is a great sighting, there were three videos taken in total which we have compiled into one for you to watch. We seem to...
Conspiracy Theories

Ancient Aliens: Top 3 Conspiracies of Season 8 | History

Take a look at the most fascinating conspiracies from Season 8, including communication via crop circle and the Hollow Earth, in this web exclusive. Subscribe...

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