Ufo Sightings

UFO Sighting Over New York USA 2021

UFO Sighting Over Goshen, New York USA on January 13, 2021. Witness report as follows “Traveling west on i86 in orange county ny at 00:59...
Mythological Creatures

6 Extreme Animal Invasions

We tell the tales of some crazy real life animal invasions. GMM 436! Good Mythical MORE: SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: **** PREVIOUS episode: NEXT episode:...
Princess Diana's Death

Author Conspiracy not feasible

Royal biographer Mark Saunders discusses claims from British media of a conspiracy surrounding Princess Diana’s death....
Princess Diana's Death

The Real Reason Why Princess Diana Was Assassinated. Ex MI Agent Testifies

Originally Uploaded By TheFlexEffect Princess Diana Was Assassinated By Mossad Because She Was A Supporter Of Palestine Ex MI5 Agent Annie Machon Speaks Out, She...
The Greys

Grey Aliens Filmed Inside Ufo Turkey + Analysis (Eng/Esp)

(ENGLISH) The UFO Turkey was reported to MUFON, Tested by Experts and Declarate Trusted. SUSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/jvpmoin UFO DISCLOSURE http://translate.google.es/translate?hl=es&sl=es&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Frevelacionovni.wordpress.com%2F (ESPAÑOL) El OVNI de Turquia fue...

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