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Other Earths

Transforming Jupiter with EXPLOSIONS! | Universe Sandbox 2 | Let’s create

BOOM! Did I say boom? Jupiter will be changed forever. —————————————– Universe Sandbox ² is a physics-based space simulator that allows you to create, destroy,...

Spagoots Plays Oregon Trail Part 3: Exorcisms, Cholera, and Hiccups

Everything is going just fine! ——- Members of Spagoots: http://kaycxpher.tumblr.com/ – Kaylynn http://adorable-avacado.tumblr.com/ – Ava http://chongoblog.tumblr.com/ – Ryan http://knittinggiantbeanies.tumblr.com/ – Jordan SUBSCRIBE FOR FUTURE FUN...

The TRUTH about Orbs, UFO-s & Aliens – THEY are Fallen Angels & Demons VOL.3

This video is mirrored from Richard205maria youtube channel and is made and owned by Richard205maria. I don’t own anything ! It’s under Fair use with...

STO – Xindi-Reptilian Contortrix Escort – Borg Elite STFs

Today I have for review the Xindi-Reptilian Contortrix Escort! This small, powerful escort comes equipped with a console universal xindi weapon platform ability. I’ll go...
Titan's Atmosphere

Let’s fly Orbiter 2010 [Part 30] German: Mars nach Titan (Eintritt in die Atmosphere)

Hallo Leute. Huet e werde ich es hoffentlich schaffen bei Titan nicht zu verglühen oder einfahc an ihm vorbei zu fliegen. Sondern ich werde in...
JFK Assassination

JFK Was An Assassin Killed By The Templars? – Lore Meets Reality Assassin’s Creed

It’s time for the Lore Meets Reality return! We thought we would give you guys a good history lesson with a jokey take on it...