Jim Marrs | Occulted History, Banking Corruption, & The Vast Conspiracy

This week alternative author and legendary truth seeker, Jim Marrs, joins THC to drop knowledge on a variety of conspiratorial topics including the history of...

Two Ancient Mayan Cities have been Discovered!

httpv:// No news yet if the Archeologists who found the of Maya have uncovered any new data on the end of the World or Nibiru....
Knights Templar

I-07 – The Secret Bible: The Knights Templar (Documentary)

All videos in this youtube channel are for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES and there is no monetarial or profit made from them. If there to be a...
JFK Assassination

The JFK Assassination Investigation: LBJ, Conspiracies and the Warren Commission (1999)

A 2003 Gallup poll indicated that nearly 20% of Americans suspected Lyndon B. Johnson of being involved in the assassination of Kennedy. Critics of the...
Crystal Skulls

Crystal skull; a work of the aliens

Crystal skull; a work of the aliens...

Special Report – Fluoride, poison, conspiracy population culling – Infowars

Try a free sample pack ? — – Click Here WHY JOIN GO FOODS ? 1–Food is our greatest dependency. It’s right up there with...
Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skull Channeling

The famed Crystal Skulls of ancient Mesoamerica have excited the popular imagination because they seem so mysterious....

Adam Kokesh – No evidence of god, dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, mermaids, or bodies from flight 93

To hear the full podcast: Please address hate mail to Invest here to support ADAM VS THE MAN!...
Crystal Skulls

America : Crystal Skull found atop Memphis Satanic Pyramid (Jun 11, 2012)

News Article: Flashback: Pyramid’s Crystal Skull...

Pentagon Insiders Anunnaki Returning to Destroy NWO Free Humanity – YouTube.flv

Skull and Bones

John F Kennedy: Exposing Secret Societies – The Illuminati, Freemasonry, Skull & Bones, Zionism

This epic speech sealed the fate of President John F Kennedy. In it he exposes the secret societies within the American Government....

PT 1-12 !Extremely Important! ‘Volunteer’ Souls & Lost Knowledge Dolores Cannon

yourTUBEyourASS21 Sparklesofunity SorrowfulConscious SorrowfulConscious21 is back 5th time. Past-life regressionist Dolores Cannon discussed her recovery and cataloging of “Lost Knowledge.” She said she’s developed her...

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