Ufo Sightings

The Gov Just Released This UFO Video..

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Crop Circles

Crop Circles compilation (1994-2014)

☞Crop Circles compilation☜ ▧ 1994 (00:03) ▧ 1995 (01:27) ▧ 1996 (01:59) ▧ 1997 (03:21) ▧ 1998 (04:17) ▧ 1999 (05:19) ▧ 2000 (06:27) ▧...

Are Pet Psychics Real? – Delia Ephron Talks with 92nd Street Y

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9/11 Attacks

The realistic conspiracy view of 9/11.

This video covers the conspiracy side of what happened on 9/11. As you can tell this is a huge topic, the reasons and truths for...