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UFO Hunters: Multiple Orb Sightings Raise Suspicions (S3, E10) | Full Episode | History

There’s a growing phenomenon of alleged UFO sightings known as Orbs. Witnesses who see the Orbs also report having dreams, premonitions, and a deep fear....
The Great Pyramids

5 UNSOLVED MYSTERIES of the pyramids of EGYPT

Easter Island

Easter Island Strange Mysteries – Discovered Stone Statue Bodies & Ancient Glyphs

Easter Island Strange Mysteries Stone underwater heads Excavated stone bodies show strange designs! unknown writings and glyphs discovered?! No glyph or Tablet has yet to...
Phoenix Lights

UFO MASS SIGHTING 2015 Phoenix Strange Unknown Lights

UFO Sighting 2015 Feb. 3 2015 Arizona Unknown Lights spotted once again! Drones? Aliens? Flares? Where do these “Lights” Come from? Original Vid = 2nd?...
Phoenix Lights

Alien Phoenix Arizona UFO Mass Sighting – Huge Ship Hovers Over City – HD Footage

UFO Sighting 2015 Phoenix Lights Part 2? Strange Bright Huge UFO or UFOs Spotted hovering over Arizona Feb 2 2015. Very similar to the late...
Ufo Sightings

Amazing UFO Sighting – UFOVNI Fleet Crashes In Brazil & Discovered

2015 Alien UFO Disclosure? Dec. 28th – Mass Fireball Sighting over brazil leaves community baffled. The witnesses claim the fireball was moving very slow! following...
Moon Structures

MOON ANOMALIES – Raw Apollo Image Might Show Towers Pyramids Glass Domes & Spacecrafts

NASA Photo Link= Apollo 17 Image Surfaces Showing Huge Structures!!! Alien Moon Structure? What is This? Massive Landed Mothership? Is this the real Apollo Program?...
The Greys

Lies And Deception Aliens, UFOs And The Secret Agenda – The Alien Presence Revealed

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