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ZOZO OUIJA Board Demon Summoning, Stalked by a Demon,True Story

ZoZo Ouija Board Demon was summoned a Demonic Entity that has been known to communicate and haunt and terrorize people. This is a True Story and frightening events that lasted many years. Many frightening and creepy things happened throughout her life, and it all began at her Grandparents’ farm in the summer of 1968.
Then, as a teenager, a friend and I played around with a Ouija board, which very well may have caused a demonic presence
in my life.The most terrifying experience however, would not happen for several more years. Those events have haunted her dreams and her life for over twenty-five years and affected my life in an extreme way, changing the way I view life and death,
good and evil, God and the devil……Terese Rutjens, Author of STALKED BY A DEMON joins the show tonight with Host- Norene Balovich

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