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Whether you’re a believer of any stripe or not, the Bible is a foundational text for Western civilization. It’s provided the moral basis for many laws and policies, and its literary elements have inspired everyone from Shakespeare to Iron Maiden. It also may have predicted the future. Depending on whether you take a more traditional or historical view of the compositions of biblical prophecy, God’s spokespeople had a pretty good track record of foreseeing the decline and fall of various empires. Here are the bible prophecies that ended up coming true—along with a few that don’t seem quite so accurate.

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Prophecy: Failed siege of Jerusalem | 0:00
Prophecy: Fall of Jerusalem | 1:13
Prophecy: Fall of Egypt and Tyre | 2:24
Prophecy: Israel restored | 3:12
Prophecy: The succession of empires | 4:20
Prophecy: The fall of Nineveh | 5:13
Prophecy: The birth of Jesus | 6:21
Prophecy: The rise of Muhammad | 7:14
Prophecy: RFID chips and the EU | 8:17
Codes in the bible | 9:33

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