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Valdosta-area UFO sightings documented

Valdosta-area UFO sightings documented.
The truth is out there: A search of declassified government records on the Internet details sightings of unidentified flying objects in and around Valdosta.
The United States Air Force operated Project Blue Book, a study of sightings of unidentified objects over the U.S., from 1949 through 1969. When Blue Book was shuttered, the Air Force officially determined that no UFO investigation had turned up a threat to national security, evidence of advanced scientific knowledge or proof of extraterrestrial vehicles.
Project Blue Book concluded that most UFO sightings were misidentification of aircraft or of natural phenomena. A small percentage, though, went down on the books as “unexplained” or “insufficient data” — including at least one incident in Lowndes County.
Recently, Los Angeles resident John Greenewald Jr. posted most of the newly declassified documents to his website, Blackvault.com. Declassified Blue Book documents are also available piecemeal here and there across the Internet.

July 7, 1949
A document from the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) dated Sept. 14, 1949, follows a reported incident from July 7 of that year, in which a woman — her name blacked out — reported to The Valdosta Daily Times that she had seen “a bright, reddish object in the southeast section of Valdosta, Georgia.”
The woman was interviewed by an Air Force agent and described the object she saw as “in the shape of an electric light bulb, with the small stem up … red in color, hanging in the sky at about a 45 degree angle from the horizon. … She also stated that the object did not seem to be too far away from her and that it already disappeared into the southwest.”
The report, which is light on details, mentions that “Residence check of Mrs. —— revealed that she is trustworthy though very excitable, nervous, sickly, and thought to have a great deal of imagination.” No other person reported seeing the object, according to the report.Paul also acknowledged hearing about cases in which healthy kids were left with “profound mental disorders” after being vaccinated.

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