UFOs Above Top Secret πŸŒ™ Moon Structures NASA Mission UFO Apollo 20 Alien πŸ‘½ Al Otro Lado

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UFOs Above Top Secret, Apollo 20 Alien, NASA UFO, Moon Structures

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What Happened On the Moon? – Analysis of the Lunar Photography
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Censored by Spanish Government
Above top secret Nasa Soviet dossier on UFO moon structures. Evidence there has been above top secret communications between NASA and the Soviets regarding aliens on the moon and various moon structures which have been built by extraterrestrials. The secret dossier of the Apollo Missions … to 20.

Apollo 20 β˜… Moon Structures Top Secret Nasa Dossier
Al Otro Lado Censored by Spanish Government

Above Top Secret YouTube Playlist
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Al Otro Lado (To The Other Side)
Presenter : Jose Gavidia Abarca
Year : 1970

Secret Structures on the Moon
This was censored by the Spanish government during the seventies. The video, very interesting to watch especially the unpublished photographs that shows the presenter The two parts are in Spanish with English subtitles.

Dossier Top Secret
The origin of the video is intriguing. I have not found information about the