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UFO Sightings Nuclear Missiles Shut Down By UFOs? Retired Air Force Whistleblower Explains! 2013

Thirdphaseofmoon is proud to present one of the most credible witnesses ever. Captain Robert Salas was present at Malstrom Air Force Base in 1967 when a ufo came and shut down 10 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles. He held onto this secret for over 30 years as he entered yet another federal job working for the FAA after his USAF retirement and then decided to tell this amazing story. Also, he was one of the biggest witnesses at the citizen’s hearing in Washington DC which was organized by famed exopolitician Stephen Bassett, who joins us in hour 2 of this amazing interview. Thirdphaseofmoon’s very own Dr. J. Andy Ilias takes us through these incredible interviews and asks the questions, you the viewers want to know. Hear the entire interview here , leave guest requests in the comments and if you have captured anything amazing, contact us at thirdphaseofmoon via skype or facebook!

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