UFO Sightings Hundreds Of UFOs Over Catalina Channel Boy Scouts Mass Encounter 2013

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Preston Dennett, mufon researcher of 25 years & the world’s foremost leading expert on UFO’s/USO’s (unidentified submerged objects) in the Catalina channel just off the coast of Los Angeles, brought forward this amazing case involving over 200 ufos witnessed by an entire boy scout group camping in Catalina for the weekend! As this brave young man, Alan came forward to tell the story of this amazing encounter to Preston, Thirdphaseofmoon’s very own Dr. J Andy Ilias was there to capture this amazing testimony which includes descriptions of the ships, drawings of the 8 different kinds of ufos & even a triangular UFO seeming to be in distress as it was emitting smoke & repeatedly splashed into the Pacific Ocean. Hear all this testimony & more on this breaking story on 1 of the best & biggest mass witness UFO sighting right here on thirdphaseofmoon! Special thanks to Alan for coming forward & for Preston’s meticulous investigation of this UFO/USO wave this past month.

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