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Hey everyone:
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Folks it is some bad times right now in the World especially in America. We must show Love & Light! Be service to others! Instead of getting mad and reacting to people’s behavior we must understand that they are spiritually asleep/sick and have not awoken yet! Treat them like you would a sick person. Rise above the crap. Life is too short for this! They meaning The Power, Control and Greed Group (Satan) are censoring us and making their move. Only God the creator will allow what will happen. It all happens for a reason even if it is bad. The creator works in Mysterious ways We must trust the process. Try folks. Love & Light!

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David The Backyard Ufologist Coming to you from the Long Island Sound and the Hammonasset Ley Line running right through our backyard.
So many UFOs and Spiritual Entities follow this energy line and stops off at the Benevolent sanctuary The Backyard Ufologist’s Backyard!
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Thanks so much!

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