Top Earth Like Planets Discovered

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We have always been fascinated by the night sky and always wondered, what is out there. Since then humanity has advanced in space exploration at a rapid pace. We now know that apart from planets in our own solar system, there are billions of solar systems out there, some discovered, others, waiting to be found out. But scientists and astronomers are not just interested in hot rocky planets and gas giants. They are interested in the jackpot of all discoveries, They are the earth like exoplanets.
So far hundreds of earth like exoplanets have been confirmed using Earth bound Telescopes and Spacecrafts like Kepler.
A good way see to how similar a planet is to use the Earth Similarity Index or ESI. The ESI ranges from 0 to 1 and anything with an ESI above 0.8 may be considered “Earth-like”.
Here are the top earth like planets discovered.

1. Kepler 62F
2. Gliese 667Cc
3. Kepler 62E
4. Gliese 581g
5. Kepler 438b
6. TRAPPIST-1 System

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Top-Erde wie Planeten entdeckt
Top Earth Like Planet Descubierto
La Terre comme des planètes découvertes

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