TOP 5 Mysterious Creepy Photos That Are Unsolved

Top Mysterious Photos: These 5 pictures are creepy to most people in the world. Also they are still unsolved to this day! From time travelers to skunk apes, we count down the top 5 mysterious photos.

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Be CAREFUL Full list below!
The modern time traveler
Brown lady of Raynham Hall
Skunk Ape
Battle of LA
The Specter of Newby Church

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Just to let you all know that these mysterious photos are still unsolved to this day. Lots of speculation is found on the internet about each photo. Coming up with your own opinion of what you think are in these photos is encouraged! We would love to hear your opinion on the modern time traveler, Brown lady of Raynham Hall, Skunk Ape, Battle of LA and the specter of Newby Church.

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